Face Painting

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Let's Add some magic to your next event!

  Kids Birthday Parties $150 Two Hours

(Add $100 Every Extra Hour)

 Hypoallergenic Face Paint & Products with Unlimited Childrens Faces.

Adult Parties (Hourly or Per face) 
Professional Face Paint & Products and Makeup We bring lashes as an add on service. Special Events & Festivals$125 Per hour and I also have a Tip Jar

Faces For Funds or Balloon Twisting
(Fundraising) Schools & Churches only
 $50 An hour Plus My tip Jar You can charge your customers or do donations that you keep at the end to support your cause.

Face Painting & Balloon Twist Combo 
 Face Painting & Balloon Twisting Combo$150 Per hour 
One Artist Does both Client chooses if you want One Hour as Painting and One hour as Balloon Twisting OR Can be done at the same time and child gets back in line to receive their 2nd service. 

Children's Party Candid Photography
$150 Per hour OR $50 Per hour Add On


Balloon Twisting

balloon art

Balloon Twisting with a Two Hour Min ($200)
unlimited twisting, client is responsible for cleaning up popped balloons, but we do help by telling kids they have to bring back their broken balloon for a new one.


Creative Activities

craft table

This takes an event keep sake to a new level!  Your guests arrive with a table full of fun

for everyone! Choose from crafts below theme tailored to your party's needs:

- Painting Canvas or Ornament Station- $10 Per Guest 

- Bracelet & Necklace making Station- $5 Per Guest 

- Slime Creation Station- $7 Per Guest 

- Volcanoes Eruption Station - $10 Per Guest

- Air Dry Clay Station- $10 Per Guest 

- Wizards Potion Creation Station - $5 Per Guest 

- Black Light Paint Station - $10 Per guest 
           (Must have a dark room available to do this)

- Lego Building Station (Doesn't go home with Kids) $50 Total 

- Outdoor Games


Adult Face Painting/ Body Art & Events

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Professional Theatrical Make-up / Lashes/ Body Art

One Full Face Private Service $75 
Water resistant makeup for a Smudge Proof Finish 

Add theatrical Hair to complete your look $75

Body Painting
Upper Body 
Chest Only 
Books Only 
Waterproof swimsuit 
Full Body Water Resistant Painting

Adult Parties (Hourly or Per face) Ask for Quote
We bring lashes as an add on service.


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